Spa treatments

A first look at the possibilities and well-being of your body. For an inspiring life change.

Are you ready for a change that will feel like falling in love for the first time? We aim not to teach,
but to travel with you on a health and self-positivity journey.
Weight gain, joint and muscle pain, impaired blood and lymph circulation, allergies, or constant
fatigue? Allow to just forget all that there is and start looking at your body from a whole different

We should understand and feel what we need at this moment in time. Proper exercise, nutritious
diet or quality sleep? Begin from here – from listening to your inner self.

“Minus” – Weight Management Programme

Purpose of this programme is to re-love your body, regain energy, beautify your body lines and get rid of a few unnecessary pounds.

“DETOX” – Toxin removal programme

This is a great introductory program to properly prepare for another programme, reduce excess fluid in the body, activate toxin removal, improve well-being, sleep and mood.

„RELAX“ moment

A relaxation programme that you will enjoy with a smile and pleasure.

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