22 miles“ as one

If you see a swan foot or a moose silhouette on your plate, be aware - these are calories of joy. Located on the way to the Nida lighthouse, the restaurant „22 MILES“ awaits guests, intending to surprise not only with delicious and healthy food, but also with a cozy interior adapted to the local landscape and pleasant communication.

We have designed the interior to make you feel like you are sitting in a pine forest and enjoying the magic of our kitchen. This is the symphony of the Curonian Spit on your plate. Our restaurant manager chose quality as the main focus. „I don’t care how long it takes, but the desired taste and aesthetics will be on the plate” Povilas laughs. What are the priorities? These are organic local (coastal and mainland) products according to the season, as well as great attention to the culture and history of drinks.

Closer to perfection every day.



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